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Sparkling and Shining to Success!

Arbourthorne Community Primary School

May 2018

Happy Faces!

In Minichatter this week we have been exploring markmaking through teddy bears; using charcoal, rubbers and paint. We even made felt clothes for our bear paintings (this was the children's idea). Look at the super proud faces of these fantastic artists, and a big thankyou to grownups for supporting your children to create such marvellous work.

April 2018

People who help us.

Our FS2 families are extending classroom learning in Little Book of Chatter by thinking about firefighters. We have been talking about the colour red; 'Fire Engine Red' and also experimenting in our Paint Laboratory to see how we can make firey colours by mixing red and yellow. Looking good,FS2!

Little Book of Chatter, March 2018

Welcome all our new FS2 families to Little Book of Chatter 2018. This year we are exploring stories and traditional tales through focussing on colour . As ever, every family who attends gets their own Chatterbook and access to free visual arts workshops to talk, learn and create alongside their child. So far, in the Artspace paint laboratory we have been thinking a lot about Beanstalk Green and the golden eggs from Jack and the Beanstalk. Take a look.... 

Mini Chatter!

FS1 children are working in their newly created Atelier to help develop their handwriting skills by exploring shapes through mark making. Getting good at these shapes will eventually help the children to form letters and begin to write. This week - it was the zig-zag! We looked at a painting by Henri Matisse that was full of zig-zags, and explored the pattern on different scales using a variety of media, including drawing in sand!

Little Book of Chatter Exhibition 2017!

June 2017.... Wild Things!

In whole class Chattersessions we used the fabulous illustrations from 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak as a starting point for our artwork. We explored different ways of markmaking, to create all the wonderful textures of the Wild Things, like hairiness and scaly skin. We created models out of packaging and bits and pieces, adding fur, sawdust and bubblewrap. Brilliant! .

May 16th 2017

Check out our Arts and Crafts wallpaper! After looking at the wallpaper designs of William Morris, we cut out our own paper birds to construct our wallpaper designs,  bit by bit. We folded the coloured paper in half before cutting bodies, wings ,beaks and tails, so that each time we ended up with two identical shapes. We arranged them on swirly curly lines drawn with black felt tip, and tried to make our arrangement symmetrical. Finally we added further embellishment (fancy bits) with the pen and glued on some feathers. Beautiful. I would like this wallpaper in my bathroom, for sure.  

April 2017

The painter known as 'Mondrian' was very different to Jackson Pollock. He was into keeping everything real simple, and he also like straight lines. His most famous artworks consist of squares and rectangles in primary colours (blue, red, yellow) and thin black lines. Check out our cracking Mondrian style wallpaper.

March 2017

We are talking about famous artists. This week we looked at Jackson Pollock, an American painter who used dribbles and splats to create magnificent paintings. We looked at some photographs of Mr Pollock pouring paint onto the huge canvas. He is the first artist to use paint in this way and so is a very famous and important artist. We made a lot of mess, so I was very grateful that I had the parents to help me clear up Artspace at the end of the session. Children love paint. They were all very focussed and happy making small Pollocks for their Chatterbooks ( in happy and sad colours) and a large collaborative piece, that I think looks stunning. Happy day.

March 2017


We have been making things in threes.....  chairs, bowls of porridge, spoons and steam (to show that the porridge is hot!) All from Goldilocks and the Three Bears of course, which FS2 children have been reading in their classrooms this week. We also continued our learning about colour mixing by using tissue paper stripes to make a chequered tablecloth for the bear's dining table. Because the paper is translucent ( that means you can see through it) when the colourful stripes overlap they blend and make new shades and colours.  Very colourful and gluey  artwork!  

March 2017


Check out Landon measuring his Dad!

It's not too late to join Little Book of Chatter . The project is FREE and open to all FS2 families until June 2017. Join in with the Arts workshops and receive your very own Chatterbook to treasure and take home. Sessions run in the Artspace on Tuesday  afternoons,1-3pm and Thursday mornings, 9-11am.

Come join us!

Little Book of Chatter

February 2017

We are making green by mixing blue and yellow paint. We discovered that by varying the quantities of paint, we can create all different shades of green, like the greens of the leaves in the forest. We made small trees in our Chatterbooks and a big tree on the wall, using rubbings taken from a log to create the textured bark of a tree trunk.

Red Riding Hood looking lovely as ever.....


We're chattering again! A big welcome to all the new Foundation Families who have taken part so far in Little Book of Chatter. This year our artwork is inspired by Traditional Tales. As a link between The Three Little Pigs and Red Riding Hood, our first session focussed on the big bad wolf. We experimented with mark making, using matchsticks and toothbrushes to create furry wolfy textures, and cut triangles out of silver paper for the terrible sharp pointy teeth..... 

July 2016 

Here are some of the highlights from last weeks celebration of Little Book of Chatter. Our hall was full of families and young artists who came to enjoy this years exhibition- how exciting! The display looked beautiful, well done to everybody. See you in September!

April 2016

Little Book of Chatter Part Two  has begun this week. We are hoping for some beautiful sun shiny days so we can go create and grow in our nature garden. We are launching this term with a weaving project. Yesterday, parents created structures using willow and chicken wire, then they and their children had a great time rummaging through piles of 'stuff', collecting interesting samples for their chatterbooks and organising the materials by colour. Everyone was excited to be back after the Easter break. New workshop times are as follows; Tuesdays 10.30 - 12 and 1.30-3pm. Everyone welcome.


March 2016   

Our families have been talking about pattern and texture in our Chatterbook workshops. Starting with observational drawing from natural objects , we have collected a whole range of patterns, textures and words through explorations in charcoal and clay... 

January 2016

I am delighted to announce that Little Book of Chatter 2016 is about to be launched for FS2 and Year 1 families. Free arts workshops will be happening in our new Artspace (formerly the staff room) on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the Spring Term, including an after school club option, due to popular demand! Please come along to our coffee morning on Wednesday 13th January, 9 -11am in the Community Room, and find out more about this fantastic opportunity for you and your child.

Based on research which tells us that the talk children do at home plays a huge part in their school development, Little Book of Chatter was launched in Autumn 2014 .

Our Foundation Families were invited to sign up for the project, each receiving a personalised hand made Chatter-book and the opportunity to attend  weekly Family Art workshops with Jayne.  

‘Chatter-mornings ’ took place in class the following day, offering children and  grown-ups the opportunity to share their learning, both from home and school. 89% of families engaged with the project which culminated in a stunning final exhibition , showcasing a range of artworks in different media and some excellent high quality chatter!