Arbourthorne Community Primary School

Arbourthorne Community Primary School

Team Arbourthorne Excellence as Standard

Foundation Stage Curriculum


Our Foundation Stage curriculum is designed to meet the areas of need for our community via our Arbourthorne connected curriculum goals: Belonging, communicating, growing, creating, solving, preparing, and moving.  Each of these goals is underpinned by our eight school core values: we are respectful, we have a voice, we have self-belief, we aim high, we care, we are a team, we are determined and we are thoughtful. The FS curriculum, both planned and spontaneous, provides the firm foundations and readiness for the Year 1 curriculum. Children have acquired the early reading and phonics skills required to access the expectations for reading in Year 1.

We facilitate a balance of  interests and curiosity that children bring with them from their own experiences and passions, whilst offering opportunities for personal development by broadening their knowledge, skills and experiences.  

One of our key aims is to develop children’s confidence in their oral skills and widen their vocabulary from assessed starting points. Our teaching of an oracy rich curriculum, first hand visits to extend cultural capital and the use of carefully chosen high quality key texts support this ambition, as well as introducing children to a rich culture of traditional tales and more modern texts and those that celebrate and extend our children’s knowledge of cultures and the world. 

Practitioners support and encourage the children to use all of their senses to explore their learning environment with curiosity and to pose questions of their learning. Our school sits in beautiful grounds with on-site growing facilities, expansive green space to explore and a variety of trees. Children engage in environmental first hand experiences to utilise this space.  We have a dedicated artist in residence who develops language at the point of learning through an arts rich curriculum.

Long Term Planning Overview Foundation Stage 1 and 2