Arbourthorne Community Primary School

Arbourthorne Community Primary School

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Counselling Support

The school can provide pupils, staff and parents support by making referrals to councelling support services.

The school can access support and make referrals to the following counselling services:

  • Collins-Donnelly Consultancy - Steps4Ward Programme for Schools
  • Shine Health Academy
  • Unravel  

About These Services

Pupils, staff and parents can bring any issue to counselling, there is nothing too big or too small.  The counsellor is trained to work with many issues people face today including anxiety, loss, separation, anger, relationship problems and fears.  A private space is always made avaialble for these sessions.


Referral Procedure

Referrals are made through the school's Executive Headteacher, Head of School, Safeguarding Officer or Inclusion Leader.  



Counselling is confidential.  All information shared in the session will be treated in a discreet manner.  However, the counsellor may need to share some information with other members of staff to further support a child, this action is taken with the pupil's permission and agreed within a verbal contract. Pupils can also be accompanied by a familiar member of staff to support them access the counselling support.

If the safety of a pupil or another person is at risk confidentiality may be broken but the pupil will be informed before this happens and the child will remain, at all times, central to the process. Any information sharing will be limited within school to the pastoral and safeguarding team, although other agencies may need to be informed. If information for pupil counselling needs to be shared with the pastoral and safeguarding team, it will be logged on the school's CPOMs system.


Teaching and Learning

The three services used by the school, at the request of the school, can deliver information to pupils and staff to further assist their emotional wellbeing as a group or whole class session.