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Science Through School

Science at Arbourthorne Community Primary School is taught throughout the school year within the Learning Challenge Curriculum, with summer term having a dedicated Learning Challenge Science Driver. Our enquiry-based approach to learning covers the skills and knowledge of the National Curriculum. 

Each learning challenge theme begins with a pre-learning challenge. Pupils to reflect on their previous learning and generate questions they would like to find out the answers to over the course of the term. Teachers address misconceptions, tailoring plans to follow the children’s particular interests. 

Children carry out investigations learning how to plan different types of scientific enquiries

  • including recognising and controlling variables
  • explore how to record data and results of increasing complexity 
  • use scientific diagrams and labels 
  • use test results to make predictions to set up further comparative and fair tests. 

Take a look at the 'Science Topic Progression grid below which shows the full science curriculum, which topics children cover in each year group and how science topics such as ‘Living Things and their Habitats’ are revisited numerous times throughout the school journey so that children have opportunity to build upon previous knowledge and deepen their understanding of key scientific areas.

Science Topic Progression

Throughout the year, we enrich and celebrate our learning through dedicated ‘Science Focus’ days, where children explore a topic in greater depth. These activity days involve visitors to school, practical workshops, cross- curricular links eg. maths in science or a STEM focus.

 Our most recent science days were in the autumn term and were a great opportunity to embed learning that may have been taught remotely during the Coronavirus lockdown. This enabled the children to explore the learning in a practical way through a range of exciting experiments based around the children’s own lines of enquiry. 

Classroom science lessons are supplemented by a variety of enrichment activities including: 

  • Termly 'Science Focus' days, when children focus on a particular science topic and share learning with their parents and families during exhibition afternoons
  • School trips and in-school workshops delivered by experts
  • Homework tasks and online learning activities
  • STEM projects (see our STEM page!)