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Partnership Working with Sheffield High School

We enjoy very positive links with pupils and staff at Sheffield High School. Mrs Susan Good facilitates a number of projects between the federation and Sheffield High and we are most grateful for the quality offered to our pupils and the professional development opportunities for teachers and staff who accompany pupils.  Cross federation coding and Latin classes took place last term, facilitated by Mrs Emma Byrne from the Classics department and her outstanding 6th form Classics students.
The opportunities were varied and  activities included quizzes, card sorting, stories, worksheets and drama. The video gives a taster of the learning that took place.
Our children learnt that there are jobs which link to Latin (e.g. science, medicine) and that they can widen and improve their vocabulary in English through the links to Latin. The children enjoyed learning something new and different. They were curious about language and historical events.

The following are quotes from staff re: Latin project:

  • ‘I know that the children who have been from my class their enthusiasm and curiosity about  languages has been sparked. They are so keen to share what they've learned back in the classroom and are keen to go each week.’

  • ‘One child has happily given up football on Wednesday in favour of Latin! l and has been lovely to be part of the Latin (and some Greek!) sessions. All the children have responded extremely positively and it is incredible how many Latin words they have retained.’

  • ‘The children from Y5 here have certainly been keen to attend and are proud of the knowledge they gain each week. In particular, G in my class has really blossomed and it has clearly given her a greater confidence in her own use of language back in the classroom. Expanding and enriching the children's vocabulary in English has also been a key success of the project.

Quotes from children

  • ‘I enjoyed the quizzes in the last session. We had a quiz to see if we remembered what we’d learnt and I didn’t get less than 9 every time!’

  • ‘ I was nervous at first but the girls made us feel very welcome and I was good at Latin!’

  • 'I feel I can do anything now!'