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We Chat - Helicopter Stories

A key component of our Foundation Stage curriculum is developing children’s Oracy; their vocabulary, sentence structure and confidence to speak about their thoughts and ideas. We know that developing pupils’ confidence, resilience and knowledge is highly important so that they can keep themselves mentally healthy


In our Foundation Stage colleagues use the Helicopter Stories approach to promoting Oracy and allowing children to develop the confidence to express their own ideas. During a Helicopter Stories session, children dictate their stories to an adult scribe. Later that same day, a group of children gather around a stage and the stories are acted out. We have found this to be a powerful tool in encouraging children to speak in front of others, think imaginatively and begin to develop skills to organise their thoughts and ideas. 


Here are some examples of stories some of our FS1 children have told this year:

“A little princess was walking with a prince. Then the princess wanted to be a dragon. Next a wicked witch came and she turned them into dragons. ROOOAR”

Lainey (Age 3)

“The Hulk man saw a big tiger so he pushed him into the water. Spider man was cross about it and went nooooooo. Batman came and they all got on a boat. Black Widow came and they had to chase the bad guys away.”

- Kayleb (Age 3)


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