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Arbourthorne Community Primary School

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Readiness for Secondary School

How well do we prepare our children for secondary school? What do the secondary school say about our preparation and partnership?

‘Transition from Y6-Y7 is a crucial part of a child's development. Arbourthorne Primary School and Sheffield Springs Academy recognise this. The work on transition starts very early at Arbourthorne. Links with Sheffield Springs Academy are strong. Pupils are prepared in school through high standards in learning that gives them strong foundations to successfully access the key stage 3 curriculum. In addition, their wider pastoral development enables them to confidently make the move from primary to secondary as well-rounded individuals who have a strong set of values such as being thoughtful, determined and having high expectations. 

Transition does not end when students leave Y6, our students and their parents often return following their transition to secondary and share their experiences of their progress and how the support from the Arbourthorne family has given them the foundation to success. Regular updates are shared between staff and wrap around care is often still provided as a partnership between both schools.’

                                                                                                         Mark Shipman - Former Principal, Springs Academy


What is our approach in Key Stage 2 to prepare children for KS3 and life at secondary school?

In KS2 we offer a progressive skills and knowledge based curriculum and aim to secure the highest outcomes for all learners.  

Teachers use data from the previous year groups to ensure they fully know where learners are and, more importantly, where they need to be by the end of their current year and also by the end of Y6.  We empower children to believe in themselves and want to achieve the best they can to achieve their full personal potential - to aim high.  This ensures children are ready for the subsequent year in KS2 and ultimately the next stage of their education as they move on to secondary school. Developing independence and responsibility are key to a successful future. 
We understand that learners have wide and varied starting points and being aware of these allows teachers to tailor lessons and interventions to create a bespoke approach for each child. Interventions and booster groups, alongside high quality teaching, are regularly adapted to ensure that each child receives the best support to help them achieve their targets.  We have a comprehensive package to support those learners identified as gifted and talented, and all pupils have the opportunity to work with our partner school Sheffield Girls’ High School to widen opportunities and raise aspirations. Taking part in debating, working with students from the school, liaising with the Latin department and engaging in the Shine project and Cool to be Clever are examples of this successful partnership for excellence.
We don’t shy away from ambitious targets and work with learners through child : teacher conferences, rigorous tracking and adapting the bespoke packages that are in place for each child to ensure they meet these. As a result of good communication with parents and shared knowledge of targets and areas for development, children make good progress from starting points. 

By the time learners leave Arbourthorne Community Primary School, they have experienced a broad and balanced curriculum, enhanced by opportunities and experiences designed to increase their well-being, aspiration, academic success and cultural capital, and have had opportunities to rehearse our core values in action. They have made good or outstanding progress from their starting points in FS1. They are secure, confident, kind, well-rounded citizens with a positive attitude to learning and each other and ready to make a further positive contribution to their community and wider society.