Arbourthorne Community Primary School

Arbourthorne Community Primary School

'... a place of joy, inclusivity and learning' OfSTED 2022

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities at Arbourthorne and our Integrated Resource Unit (The Hive)


The proportion of pupils with SEND at Arbourthorne is 41%- twice the locality average of 21% and well above the National average. 21 children have an EHCP. 34% of pupils are registered as SEND support (Locality average of SEND support is 18.7%)

Inclusion is key to a child's success. Each of our families and children receive a tailored package of support that suits individual needs and any challenges they may face. Children thrive as colleagues carefully plan and differentiate to support all learners; learning styles and individual needs are attentively considered resulting in happy learners who make progress in line with peers. We believe in equality of opportunity and champion and celebrate similarities and differences in others.

We are committed to narrowing gaps between targeted groups of pupils, including  pupils with SEND. With quality first teaching, short term or long term interventions, the engagement of external services and careful tracking of pupil progress we personalise learning to maximise the progress of our children. Excellent attendance is key in this success and so we work in partnership with families to overcome challenges or difficulties when it comes to attending school.

What do OFSTED say about us?

‘Belief in pupils and commitment to families is exemplary, so that pupils under their watch make progress in line with other pupils in school. The inclusion team is in daily contact with teachers, advising on ways to ensure pupils’ needs are well met.’

We believe “Every child is everyone’s responsibility’’. We are all responsible for the implementation of the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities SEND policy,  committed to inclusion to ensure all pupils experience the best possible starts in life and flourish as part of a team enjoying memorable learning experiences.


Interventions to support Quality First Teaching:

Intervention programmes to support individuals are planned and reviewed by colleagues working with the child and the team around them and delivered by the teacher or teaching assistant to individuals or small groups, in or out of the classroom setting. Examples of some of the interventions we use in school are: phonics catch-Up, 'Rainbow Reading', 'Fisher Family Trust', speech and language interventions (LEAP, NIP, VIP), 'Mighty Minds', nurture provision, 'Theraplay' and Lego therapy. The staff are also trained as Trauma Informed Schools practitioners with two colleagues having received a diploma level qualification. This work includes delivering interventions to address mild to moderate mental health issues such as anxiety, conduct disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. Colleagues in school are appropriately trained by professionals to support children with their mental health before they develop more complex problems. We use research based interventions to ensure the most advantageous and positive impact on children and the progress they make.


‘THE HIVE’ Integrated Resource Unit (IRU)

Arbourthorne Community Primary School has a city wide provision (Integrated Resource Unit) which caters for fourteen pupils with severe and complex learning needs with a primary diagnosis of cognition and learning at level 4 or level 5 (Sheffield Support Grid) :

 Level  5 description on the Sheffield Support Grid

The pupil shows severe and profound, pervasive difficulties with acquiring and retaining skills across the curriculum. The pupil may only be attaining half their chronological age across all areas of assessment (functional, verbal, cognition). The pupil will require constant support to access a flexible and responsive timetable planned to meet specific outcomes agreed by specialist practitioners / outside agencies, parents, pupil (if appropriate), Locality SEN Manager and school staff. The pupil’s needs are met through accessing a fully personalised timetable alongside highly skilled members of teaching staff.

 Level  4 description on the Sheffield Support Grid

The pupil shows severe and pervasive difficulties with acquiring and retaining skills across the curriculum. The pupil may be working 2-3 years or a Key Stage behind Age Related Expectations for attainment. The pupil works on an individual and bespoke curriculum and therefore has a highly personalised timetable that will include time spent away from their mainstream class in order to work towards specific goals, as recommended by appropriate
practitioners. The pupil is able to access some whole classroom learning with significantly high levels of scaffolding, or significant adult direction, to ensure that they can experience success.

Our IRU provision (The Hive) has the capacity for 14 pupils ranging in age from FS2 - Y6.

Aim of the IRU provision

The aim of the provision is to maximise pupils’ integration with mainstream pupils and build on the skills our pupils need for independence, in order to prepare them for the next stage in their lives. 

We strive to make sure that our pupils make the best progress they possibly can, and for them to play a full and active role in life at Arbourthorne, regardless of their disability. We have a highly skilled team of staff in our IRU, who are dedicated to providing our children with opportunities to be creative and deliver imaginative and exciting learning opportunities.

Our parents play an important role in their child’s development and we use this partnership to ensure children with SEND are given the best possible chances and achieve the best possible outcomes. We are available for appointments and operate an open door policy so that parents can speak quickly to a member of staff if they have any concerns. 

Our Hive offers a positive and ambitious environment with a structured approach which  provides security, happiness and creates a sense of joy for learning and living. It is a positive step for pupils who may have found accessing mainstream school a challenge.

Staff are dedicated, kind and caring and highly ambitious for your child. Please arrange a visit if you feel the provision would be the right place for your child by contacting Lucy Hanson (Teacher in charge of IRU) via the school office on 0114 2398163. You will be warmly welcomed by us all.