Arbourthorne Community Primary School

Arbourthorne Community Primary School

'... a place of joy, inclusivity and learning' OfSTED 2022

SSELP - Sheffield South East Learning Partnership

Our school is an active partner in a local learning partnership. 18 schools in the South East of the city of Sheffield began working closely together in the year 2000 through an Education Action Zone, a government initiative. The schools continue to collaborate as Sheffield South East Learning Partnership (SSELP), using shared resources and expertise and meet formally each month working to a shared and highly ambitious action plan. Colleagues have access to key researchers and speakers in education and lead or engage in high quality CPD and training. 

Shared priorities and actions are formulated from careful analysis of data and response to local need and outcomes. Many of the schools are situated in socio-economic areas of deprivation, some with high levels of EAL and the level of expertise of colleagues across the group is extensive. All colleagues work together through networks for teaching assistants, assessment leaders, curriculum leaders, for moderation, for transition to secondary school, for our poverty strategy, for EYFS, for safeguarding and for governance. This ensures expertise is shared and our colleagues have the highest levels of ambition for the children and communities they serve.

The schools face many challenges as they collaborate to raise attainment, aspiration and life chances for every child in the partnership. Through partnership working, rewards are significant and the impact on children’s learning,  achievement, self esteem and socio economic circumstances can be clearly demonstrated.

We have a robust action plan which each school takes responsibility for formulating and delivering. Our Headteacher, Vanessa Langley is responsible for the poverty strategy for the locality, working with colleagues across the schools to secure initiatives which enhance access to food, targets healthy eating and mental well-being in partnership with the GP collaboration, increases volunteer capacity within and between schools, secures strategies to minimise fuel poverty and makes best use of surplus food distribution with the establishment of community fridges in the locality. This has been particularly positive and beneficial during COVID19 and has allowed free access to food for families living with deficits in income.

Over time SSELP has high rates of progress in all primary key stages, compared to other areas of the city and nationally.

Learning Opportunities and Experiences for Our Pupils

The learning partnerships celebrate and share excellent practice and promote joint initiatives. Children have taken part in a range of SSELP organised events including the engaging Concerteenies ( and the wonderful Grimm & Co (  experience.


We are very proud of the success of our Year 4 pupils who won this year’s SSELP interschool multiplication tables competition.

CPD for Colleagues

School staff greatly value visiting other schools to take part in the termly moderation of a range of subjects.  At these times they can pick up fresh ideas, problem-solve common challenges and share best practice with colleagues.