Arbourthorne Community Primary School

Arbourthorne Community Primary School

'... a place of joy, inclusivity and learning' OfSTED 2022

Core Values

Our Core Values underpin everything we do at Arbourthorne Community Primary School.

Through our Core Values, which are woven across the curriculum and in all parts of school life, we promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of all our children.  Children are encouraged to apply our Core Values in all aspects of their life both in and out of school.

Our Core Values and Behaviour and Relationship policy enable children to learn and understand ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.  Our children are supported in a positive and safe environment to develop an understanding that we can use our voices to share thoughts and opinions whilst respecting English laws.

Our children earn Core Value Badges, one for each of the eight Core Values. There is the opportunity for each child to earn these during the school year by demonstrating the Core Values in action and working as a team to achieve the standard. When children are seen demonstrating the core value of the month, they achieve core value stickers to add to a large team poster. Once this is full, Ms Langley awards core value badges to the whole class team for their collaborative efforts. Look out around school for our children proudly displaying their badges on their tie, shirt or bookbag. Children wear these with pride!


We are determined

Be determined

Work things out

Put high quality into your work

Keep trying, don't give up

Encourage yourself

Go for it

We care

Be kind

Care about your classroom

Look after others and make them happy

Say 'no' to racism and bullying

Pay attention

Share your smiles

We have self belief

Believe you can

Be confident

Know that you matter

You are important

Let out your thoughts

Live your dreams

We are respectful

Listen and discuss

Talk calmly

Play with your friends without hurting them

We are all individuals

Involve others

Politeness counts

We have a voice

Share your ideas

Speak, don't be afraid

Trust yourself

Care for what others say

Let us vote

Give us a choice

We aim high

Never give up

Keep trying

Say 'I can' not 'I can't'

Have a goal and go for it

Act positive

Be the best you can be

We are thoughtful

Show people you care

Include other people

Remember that others have feelings too

Never hurt people, look out for them

Share things

Think before you act

We are a team

All join in, don't exclude

Discuss and then agree on ideas

Encourage your team mates - say 'nice try'

Work together and get better together

Get ideas from everyone

Take risks