Arbourthorne Community Primary School

Arbourthorne Community Primary School

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Covid Catch-up Plan 2020-21

School and home have worked successfully in partnership during national restrictions. Initially our task was to get everyone on line and within one week of the first lockdown lessons were delivered via Google Classroom. There was a high level of engagement in learning once all families were supported with connectivity, however the lack of direct teaching, limited social interaction and exposure to new learning experiences meant that the children entered 2020 from different starting points in comparison to previous years. Our live lessons have helped to mitigate the impact during the second lockdown.  

The gaps identified in pre-requisite knowledge not covered by direct teaching have been addressed in a streamlined Learning Challenge curriculum plan. The curriculum has been consolidated to focus on key skills and concepts that run through our Learning Challenge curriculum progression. This is to ensure targeted coverage and avoid unnecessary duplication. We have used The EEF Guide to Supporting School Planning: A Tiered Approach to 2020-21.

The most significant areas of development impacted by national restrictions are speech and language development, phonic and fine motor control. Some children have had delayed contact with therapists and learning support services.  In KS1 and KS2 we have prioritised reading, additional phonics and fluency. Some children have received additional catch up in other areas such as maths where we have identified gaps.  Each class has a teaching assistant and group catch up and 1:1 interventions have been developed to target pupils particularly affected by the lack of face to face schooling. Some children have needed support for their experiences out of school where they may have experienced isolation and challenges associated with a lack of funds and food. This has been partially addressed with the support of our on-site Community Fridge.

The school has been allocated £33,147 in additional funding for catch- up. We have supplemented the following plan from our main budget.