Arbourthorne Community Primary School

Arbourthorne Community Primary School

'... a place of joy, inclusivity and learning' OfSTED 2022


Arbourthorne is described as a very special place to be by our children, parents, colleagues, visitors, volunteers and friends of the school. The atmosphere in school is positive, friendly, caring and calm. There is high ambition for all learners and the team work closely with children and their families to discover children's talents, strengths and ambitions. We leave no stone unturned to achieve this high ambition in partnership. 

Senior Leadership Team

Vanessa Langley - Headteacher

Liz Pediani - Co-Deputy Headteacher 2 days

Kate Ellison - Co-Deputy Headteacher 4 days

Caroline Maxted - P/T Assistant Headteacher / Y6 teacher/ assessment lead

Dominique Roach - P/T Assistant Headteacher / SEND lead

Amy Hollows  - Assistant Headteacher / Y6 teacher/ KS2 strategy 

Angela Archer - P/T Assistant Headteacher / Y4 teacher/ Curriculum and Standards co-lead

Caroline Nowill- Assistant Headteacher (temp)/ Y1 teacher/ KS1 and FS strategy lead

Emma Plummer - P/T Assistant Headteacher / FS2 teacher / FS Strategy 

Sally Moorwood - School Business Manager

Extended Leadership Team

Karen Heeley - SENCo 

Lucy Hanson- SENCo in charge of The Hive

(Integrated Resource Unit)

Angela Fox - FS Phase Leader / FS1 teacher

Clare Stephenson - KS2 Phase Leader /

Y4 teacher

Lucy Cant - KS1 lead / maths lead / Y2 teacher 

Mandy Fenech - Safeguarding Officer   


Class Teachers/ Specialist teachers Team

Liz Griggs - Latin and MfL Languages teacher

Angela Hiley -  PPA teacher / Maths Leader

Jayne Cooper- Artist in Residence 

Steve Eddison - Drama teacher

Craig Malkin- LINKS Sports Partnership

Angela Fox - FS Phase Leader / FS1 teacher

Zoe Fearn / Emma Burne / Iris Brands - FS2 teachers

Emma Plummer / Jen Applegate - FS2 teacher  

Luisa Higgins- PPA cover teacher 

Rob Holdsworth - Y1 teacher

Caroline Nowill - Assitant Headteacher / Y1 teacher 

Lucy Cant - Y2 teacher / KS1 Phase Leader 

Annie Norman - Y2 teacher

Gemma Butler - Y3 teacher

Christy Martin - Y3 teacher

Clare Stephenson / Angela Archer - Y4 teachers

Mamoona Liaqat - Y4 teacher 

Chantelle Devoy - Y5 teacher

Harriet Bailey- Y5 teacher

Rebecca Congreave - Y6 teacher

Amy Hollows - Assistant Headteacher / Y6 teacher

Caroline Maxted - Assistant Headteacher / Y6 teacher 

Faye Sneesby - Y6 teacher- targeted support P/T

Lucy Hanson - The Hive teacher (Integrated Resource Unit)


Administration and Central Office Team 

Helen Rodgers - Clerical Officer

Manvinder Padam - Clerical Assistant

Kay Kelly - Clerical Assistant

Helen Rhodes - Finance Officer & Librarian

Elizabeth Carter - PA to the Headteacher & Admin support to the Senior team


Lunchtime Support Team

Jennie Rhodes

Tracy Laming

Laura Payne

Natalie Ketton

Lizzie Corrigen

Kelly Wildgoose

Teri Wilson

Sophie Beatson

Sarah Harding

BRogan Coyle

Curriculum and Pastoral Support Team

Michelle Keens - Pupil Support Officer

Lizzee Stocks - Pastoral Support

Sarah Heath - P/T Pastoral counsellor / Mental Health Lead 

Tracy Klein - Higher Level TA

Margaret Holmes - Teaching Assistant 

Michelle Barnes - Teaching Assistant

Vicki Daubney - Teaching Assistant

Davina Gabbitas - Teaching Assistant

Joanne Garner - Teaching Assistant

Helen Harris - Teaching Assistant

Jayne Wright - Teaching Assistant

Jo McNeill - Teaching Assistant

Val Hasa - Teaching Assistant 

Leigh Phillips - Teaching Assistant 

Sarah Ellinger - Teaching Assistant 

Angela Hammond - Teaching Assistant

Mary Gilgrass- Teaching Assistant (temp)


Lianne Ward - Teaching Assistant (Hive)

Michelle Barnes - Teaching Assistant (Hive)

Ashley Robinson - Teaching Assistant (Hive) 

Rebecca Mulvaney - Teaching Assistant (Hive)  

Nichola Wilcox - Teaching Assistant 

Lauren Early - Teaching Assistant

Gina Dale - Early Years Assistant

Jacey White - Early Years Assistant

Alex Spiers - Sports Leader



Premises Team

Simon Donston - Buildings Officer

Jenny Rhodes

Tracy Laming

Nilva Torres Fernandes

Angela Collins

Kadiatu Kargbo

Jessica Atkinson