Arbourthorne Community Primary School

Arbourthorne Community Primary School

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Home Learning

April 2021

Baby Animals

Easter home learning for FS is all about baby animals. This means I get to show off my pet duck, Tidgy McCrunty, who was born in my back yard, and now sitting on a nest of her own. Also, check out our neighbours baby bunny, Arlow and some Easter activities for you to do at home; nest making, drawing and bunny printing. Happy Easter everyone.

February 2021

Leaf Art

This is the first of a series of short videos made for our Foundation families, to encourage art-making using natural objects. 

How to flange! This video explains the method of attaching a  cardboard tube to a flat surface. Once we'd learnt the technique, we used our recycled toilet rolls to make art.

This video demonstrates how to build cardboard models using the slot technique. Here we are making cacti , using paint, cereal packets and yoghurt pots.

In this video we continue using the slot technique; this time to make peacocks. Also an excuse to use the colourful feathers that came in our craft packs!

Magic Garden

Flange and slot techniques combine to make this wonderful place...

In part 2 of Magic Garden, we make creatures and features to complete our model, including unicorns, dragons and fairy toadstools.

Under the Sea

Large scale painted backdrop, shading and tinting, learning about quantities of paint, mark making and printing textures using different household items.