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Arbourthorne Community Fridge

Community Fridge 

"A community fridge is a space where anyone who lives nearby can exchange surplus food, including businesses." - Hubbub (Community Fridge Network).  We set up Arbourthorne Community Fridge in early 2019 as part of the An Even Better Arbourthorne, which is a project run by Arbourthorne Community Primary School. HUBBUB who run the Community Fridge Network helped us set it up and helped us to make some amazing connections across the UK! The Community Fridge is located at Arbourthorne Community Primary School and is housed in a large metal container near to the Nursery entrance. Check out the pictures below of what the Community Fridge looks like! We wanted to set up a Community Fridge to combat food waste and play a big part in reducing the amount of surplus food in Sheffield! The Community Fridge takes in surplus food from local restaurants, supermarkets and shop and redistributes it to members. The food that is redistributed is always in a perfect condition and just means that there is less food going to waste which is brilliant! 

The Community Fridge Membership is open to everyone in the Arbourthorne Community and you can join by filling in a membership form. During Covid-19, we are able to distribute bags of food to families of Arbourthorne Community Primary School when they pick up their children from school. If a member does not have children at the school, we just ask that you ask a parent from the school to collect on your behalf. Occasionally we ask our members to get involved in activities and initiatives that help us develop the Community Fridge. This means that sometimes we will consult with you either at the fridge or via text. Your opinions really matter to us and if you have any ideas on how we can develop what we offer to fridge members (e.g. workshops, courses, events) we would love to hear from you.