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Rhythm Jigsaw

You can listen to the full version of Rhythm Jigsaw soundscape here!

June 2021

Year 4 children are working with percussionist and recording engineer Keith Angel on a six week music project. Rhythm Jigsaw  combines group drumming, percussion,  sound exploration and recording. This project actively encourages the children to devise and share their own rhythms and musical ideas with one another. The aim is to develop these ideas into a percussive soundscape that genuinely reflects the children's experiences, creativity and ideas.  At the end of the school year, Rhythm Jigsaw will be shared as a series of  audio files in an easily accessible mp3 format.

Some great rhythms and grooves on the playing field in Week 1.

A very creative session exploring hand held percussion and making sounds from found objects.

Elliot is testing tension and pitch using cardboard, pebbles and elastic bands...

Visual representations of sound; the beginnings of a graphic score.

The Golden Microphones.....what a thrill to hear our recorded voices through the headphones. Amazing!

The children have been writing song lyrics and experimenting with vocal performances, including spoken word and poetry.