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Arbourthorne Community Primary School

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KidZania London and Futures Education

Arbourthorne is an ambassador school for Kidzania which is a child size city in London promoting careers and work place environments to primary school children. Arbourthorne colleagues have supported the development of materials to accompany the experiences. Children engage in role play activities and jobs which and are rewarded with Kidzos (currency) to spend in the shop. Favourites for pupils at Arbourthorne including being a pilot, banker, fire fighter and police officer. Each role-play experience teaches skills in financial literacy, team work and independence. 

We have supported the development of a programme for pupils with SEND.   Have a look on their website too to see more pictures of us having a wonderful time exploring possible future careers. 


The children of Arbourthorne present to the staff at KidZania at their staff meeting.  Children from school were invited to attend the KidZania staff briefing. We took time out from our busy schedule to go to KidZania and talk to the staff about our school and what KidZania means for us. The children spoke about what they enjoyed the most, about KidZos - KidZania currency and how privileged they felt to be able to go to KidZania.  Many of the children who spoke have visited Kidzania more than once. They children said that KidZania was an amazing place to visit and it just got better and better each time they went. They had their sights firmly set on future careers following the visit. 

The pupils and staff of Arbourthorne Primary School shared their thoughts about KidZania London.  Click on the link below to watch our YouTube clip.