Arbourthorne Community Primary School

Arbourthorne Community Primary School

'... a place of joy, inclusivity and learning' OfSTED 2022

Family Learning at Red Robin House

Family learning encourages family members to learn together, aiming high for eachother. 

Family learning activities are specifically designed to enable parents and carers to learn how to support their children’s learning and development.

The impact of family sessions since the opening of Red Robin House is that positive attitudes towards life-long learning are developed; parents and carers tell us that they understand more about the part they play in helping their child to progress and flourish.

We know that, in turn, this promotes socio-economic resilience and develops ambition and confidence in parents and carers, supporting them into future employment. 

We build strong relationships with colleagues within and outside of our local community who volunteer to work alongside families, run sessions and develop friendship. Information and training shared in these sessions are well resesarched; parents and carers can achieve accredication for taking part.  

Our parents and carers are often celebrated in our weekly 'Sparkle and Shine' assemblies for their commitment to learning new skills and achieving the targets they set for themselves by taking part. 


If you have ideas for a group you think would be beneficial to parents and carers, please contact Michelle Keens at school. We vary our offer each year and are always keen to hear your ideas on how we can improve the offer to suit our community in the best ways possible. 

Big Cook, Little Cook

The “Big Cook Little Cook” course supports parents and children explore healthy food together through cooking and learning activities. They learn safe and age-appropriate techniques to chop, grate, measure, mix and cook, with emphasis on building their confidence as “kitchen helpers” with independent skills of their own.

Parents also nutrition and important food messages built into the programme – which address portion sizes for all the family, sugar, fat, salt, food labelling and achieving balanced family eating. 

Developing a good bedtime routine discussion group 
10 parents engaged in an informal discussion group about bedtime routines for their children. This was a great opportunity to receive advice from a sleep practitioner as well as share ideas, hints and tips. Positive feedback from all who attended and some positive changes have been made. 
'Begin bedtime routine 1 hour before you would you like your child to be asleep'
'Enjoy a calm and relaxing activity such as completing a  jigsaw or reading a book before bedtime'
'Eat 'sleepy foods' such as bananas, cheese and cereals'
'NO blue lights (phones, iPads, TV etc) 1 hour before bedtime'
'Be consistent'
Start Well Family Programme 
15 parents attended a 5 week programme with a focus on healthy eating and nutrition. Each week had a different focus and each family attending receives a weekly freebie. 
Baby Massage
This runs for parents/ carers who had babies from 8 weeks to approx 7 months of age. 
4 weekly sessions took place and were enjoyed by all the parents and babies. We hope to run further Baby Massage courses again in the future.
Hassle free outings discussion group
A 2 hour discussion group. A great opportunity to share ideas and also receive helpful advice and tips from a practitioner.