Arbourthorne Community Primary School

Arbourthorne Community Primary School

'... a place of joy, inclusivity and learning' OfSTED 2022

Volunteer with Us



We have many amazing opportunities for the community to get involved.  We are always thinking of new initiatives to welcome new parents / carers on board.  Currently we have opportunities relating to cooking, growing, surplus food collections and litter picking.  We always like to listen and respond to the community's wants and needs, and we do our best to provide opportunities for everyone to get involved and expand their skills set. 

Our current volunteer's efforts and support never go unnoticed and we are so grateful to have such a determined team of parents and local people supporting AEBA. We have been actively looking to expand our team and welcome new volunteers to the project!  We strive to reward and thank our volunteers regularly for their time and effort with fun trips, vouchers and more treats. 

If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved volunteering with AEBA and how to earn time credits, please contact Georgie on  

"I've recently started volunteering with An Even Better Arbourthorne.   I can honestly say my life has changed for the better and I know that might sound a little crazy to say that after just 3 months but truthfully it is as I've met new people and made new friends.  It's also made me have a life that's not just a stay at home mum while my partner goes out to work; I now do something for me by being a volunteer and helping others.  I believe in myself more and in my opinion my confidence has grown a lot and it's not only me that's noticed this others have to and have said they can see the difference in me now and that I seem happier and I believe that this is because of my volunteering with the team at An Even Better Arbourthorne and for that I want to say thankyou."  Annie Buxton, volunteer.